The Iron Ball

A playful nod to the rising popularity of the Ginger Ale High Ball. Tradition mandates a tall glass(the high) and a "ball" of whiskey - a term likely derived from the fact that the old western pistol employed an iron ball as ammunition. We've modernized the concept to serve a new generation of American Outlaw.

  • Pour Ginger Ale over ice and Pistol Whip it (add 1.5 oz. JJ Bourbon)!

The Outlaw

Many enthusiasts swear by a splash of water to open up a goood Bourbon and allow for amplified enjoyment of the smokey flavor profile. Of course old Outlaws likely didn't have easy access to cola or even ice for that matter!

  • Add a 2 oz. Slug of JJ Bourbon to 4 oz. of water. If desired add sugar to taste. Serve straight up or on the rocks -- drinker's preference.

A Slug and A Beer

Keep it simple. Whether you've ordered it in the past as a boilermaker, or a beer and a bump we recommend your next request for this old standard get Outlawed: just ask for it by it's true name to insure you get the best possible Bourbon in your glass -- It's a Slug and a Beer damnit!

  • Fill a 1.5 oz. shot glass with JJ Bourbon and chase it with a nice cold Jesse James AO Beer!

The American Sour

Whiskey Sour afficianados will note that the English claim credit for this classic from time to time -- we're taking it back.

  • Pour 2 oz. Orange Juice, 1 oz. of Sweet and Sour and a 1.5 oz. Slug of JJ Bourbon over ice. Garnish with a Cherry.

The Southern Cross

Raise a glass in salute to a classic in the making. The Southern Cross offers a tip of the hat to the origins of both the Bourbon and the Outlaw.

  • Fill a short glass with crushed ice, add a Slug (1.5 oz) of JJ Bourbon and float cola (or other soda of your choice) on top.